Coronavirus: UIC works on providing its Members and partners with concrete measures

UIC, as the technical platform for railway cooperation at world level, is the place of exchange for best practice, bringing together many networks of experts.

In the context of Covid-19, UIC launched the Covid-19 Task Force composed of UIC member companies, experts and other relevant stakeholders on 5 March 2020 to give its members and partners the possibility to regularly exchange information in order to find ways to respond to this crisis that are adapted to the railway sector, as well as to provide them with concrete measures and guidelines.

Since then, and in the spirit of sharing current practices, UIC members and partner organisations have provided the Task Force with relevant information leading to the publication of a number of guidance documents and state-of the art papers. Furthermore, the UIC Task Force has collected, compiled and developed audiovisual material and articles on this subject, participated in webinars and panels hosted by leading rail industry news providers and events organisers, and launched a dedicated LinkedIn group.

Guidance for railway stakeholders

A document providing potential measures to help UIC Members and partners find ways to respond to the Covid-19 crisis that are adapted to the railway sector and to collect and share best practice on actions already in place.

Potential measures to restore confidence in rail travel following the Covid-19 pandemic

Potential measures to restore customer confidence in rail travel post pandemic, focusing on measures to reduce the risk of spreading infection, communications initiatives to reassure the public as well as future research.

RAILsilience - How the rail sector fought Covid-19 during lockdowns

How to build “RAILsilience” together, Covid-19 in the context of the rail sector, as well as the response and the mitigation measures put in place to stop the spread of the virus.

RAILsilience - Back on the track

Focus on the recovery period and the various measures and actions being taken by the railways post-confinement such as passenger service resumption, freight service post lockdowns, staff confidence as well as security and ethical/legal issues.

First estimation of the global economic impact of Covid-19 on Rail Transport

The UIC Covid-19 task force conducted a revenue impact analysis concerning the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the rail sector. The analysis is based on data provided by the UIC Covid-19 task force members, which were collected in May 2020 via questionnaires, and also from desk research carried out by the task force working group.

State-of-the-art papers

RAILsilience - Masks ventilation and social distancing

RAILsilience - Thermographic cameras for temperature measurement of people to combat Covid-19

RAILsilience - Contamination Rates on Trains

Social media compaigns

Social media compaign of the UIC Covid-19 task force:
Travel safely by rail during Covid-19

Social media compaign of the UIC Covid-19 task force:
First estimation of the global economic impact of Covid-19 on Rail Transport

Social media campaign of the UIC- UNIFE -UITP Joint Statement


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Social media campaign of the UIC- UNIFE -UITP Joint Statement:
Giving public transport a central place in the world of tomorrow

UIC, UITP and UNIFE issued on 3 June 2020 a joint statement highlighting public transport’s central place in the world of tomorrow.

Following the launch of this joint statement, UIC, together with UITP and UNIFE, produced a series of illustrations to promote rail and public transport on social media.
Rail and public transport are part of the solution to a more sustainable future.

These illustrations were published during the week of 8 to 12 June 2020 on Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.

To read the Joint Statement:

Covid-19 task force group on Linkedin

Exchange and sharing of information on Covid-19 with the rail community:

Join the Linkedin group

Audiovisual material

UIC has received, selected and gathered a number of films and other audiovisual material on Covid-19 from its members and partners that are now available in the UIC Mediacenter.

The collection will be updated on a regular basis.

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UIC COVID-19 Task Force Contact

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Tuesday 13 October 2020