Safety Performance Group / Safety Database

Safety Performance Group

Chair: Luca Maria Granieri, Trenitalia
UIC Coordinator: Iryna Polzikova


  • Exchanging safety data
  • Defining the further development of the UIC Safety Database
  • Proposing new indicators
  • Launching ad hoc studies
  • Organising the annual meeting of database correspondents
  • Overseeing the UIC Safety Report

UIC Safety Database

UIC records descriptions of significant railway accidents in its Safety Database. All UIC members are invited to participate on a voluntary basis.
The Safety Database contains information on more than 40,000 accidents in 33 countries.

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Safety Database Map
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For further information, please visit the dedicated website:

UIC Safety Reports

On the basis of the information contained in the Safety Database, UIC issues two statistical reports on accidents each year.

The first report contains individual data, and access is limited to participating members.

The second report contains aggregated data and is publicly available. All public reports issued since 2007 can be consulted at


UIC Contact

Safety Database Manager: Iryna Polzikova

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