System Safety Management

UIC/ CER System Safety Management Group (SSMG)

Chair: Achim Vollmuth, DB AG

Vice-Chair: François Binet, SNCF

UIC Coordinator: Isabelle Fonverne

CER Coordinator: Enno Wiebe

Meetings: On a monthly basis.

SSMG assists the UIC Safety Platform (Safety Directors) and experts (CER-appointed "Speakers" and deputies, UIC experts) sitting on the working groups in charge of safety issues at ERA, assessing topics and suggesting position papers to be adopted by the CER ERA Steering Unit.

The SSMG/CER Safety Support Group also regularly organises specific meetings with EIM, ILGGRI (National Safety Authorities: NSAs) and ERA, to exchange points of view about these topics and prepare a common understanding about the European legislation and work.

Main work items

  • Joint Network Secretariat (JNS)
  • Certification of Entities in Charge of Maintenance (ECM)
  • “Single Safety Certificate” (SSC)
  • ERA IT tool “One Stop Shop” (OSS) for SSC and Vehicle Authorisation (VA)
  • Safety Performance/Safety Indicators
  • Safety alert (SAIT)
  • Safety Culture and Human Factors
  • Group of Analysts
  • Common Safety Methods (CSM)
    • Assessment of Safety Level and Performance (CSM ASLP) under development
    • Common Safety Method on Risk Assessment, (CSM RA)
    • Revision of the Common Safety Method on Conformity Assessment (CSM CA) and CSM on Supervision (CSM SUP)
    • CSM on Monitoring (CSM M)
  • Train Driver’s directive (TDD)


Experts from the following companies and associations participate in the works:
Astoc, CFF/SBB, CFL Cargo, DB AG, HZ Infra, ÖBB, Rail Cargo Austria, RSSB, RENFE, RFI, Trenitalia, Mercitalia, NS, SNCF.

CER Advisors for coordinating actions and EIM representatives are invited to all meetings.
Since the programme of work of the European Union Agency for Railways (EUAR) is very wide-ranging and is time-critical given the need to comply with the Commission’s timescales, this group generally meets once a month.

Rail Cargo Austria

UIC Contact

Isabelle Fonverne

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