Harmonized Methodology for design of Derailment Mitigation Measures


Project information

  • Acronym: MITIG4DERAIL
  • Harmonized Methodology for design of Derailment Mitigation Measures
  • Project director: Christian Chavanel
  • Project manager: Tuomas Kaira
  • Status: ongoing project
  • Project code: 2020/RSF/802

Project description

The use of Derailment Mitigation Measures (DMMs - such as guardrails, kerbs, protection barriers, deflecting walls, etc.) is expected to minimize the risk of impact and to mitigate the effects and consequences of the impact itself. Their primary function is to guide the derailed vehicle to avoid collisions with structures and possible fall from heights. Other typical infrastructure elements (such as platform elements) can fulfil the same functions, therefore they are included in the term DMM.

The efficiency of some measures (e.g., guardrails) has been investigated in the past using the existing knowledge and experiences with derailments and accidents. In some studies comparisons have been done between derailments on areas where DMMs are present and derailments on similar locations where DMMs are not installed. Still there is a lack of experimental data and other scientific research and therefore the effectiveness of DMMs needs to be investigated and extended to several scenarios.

Project objectives

Harmonized methodology for design of derailment mitigation measures. Study the effectiveness of measures in use. If possible, the effectiveness of guard rails will be studied in detail. Provide infrastructure managers with better tools to invest in effective measures and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Project structure

  • WP1: State of the Art
  • WP2: Numerical simulations
  • WP3: Technical Report


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Thursday 7 December 2023