Security platform

Project information

  • Security platform
  • Project director: Marie-Hélène Bonneau
  • Status: ongoing project
  • Project code: P000147

Project description

Railway security deals with the protection of persons, information, goods and infrastructure from all forms of threat, from malicious acts to terrorist attacks, for the purpose of improving service quality and developing transport. Railway security is an increasingly important issue in Europe,it s a common responsibility to meet the demands of customers and staff. In addition to the security of traffic, security now forms an integral part of customers’ demands (passenger and freight) and the working environment of staff. It s a shared responsibility with national authorities and alongside law enforcement authorities (police forces, border guards, etc.), railway companies together with their security service providers play a specific and recognised role.

In this context the security platform will benefit to UIC members by:

  • Raising awareness in the railway sector of this increasingly important issue;
  • Developing networks of experts;
  • Sharing experience among UIC members to identify the best solutions and adapt them to each specific situation;
  • Ensuring coherence between different security policies to help the development of international traffic;
  • Elaborating recommendations regarding technologies, human factors and organisation;
  • Developing responses from across the rail sector vis-à-vis and in partnership with European and other international institutions;
  • Running research projects of interest to UIC security experts or representing rail sector in research projects.
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Monday 1 January 2007