Research on the Status Quo of Key System Technical Standards for High Speed Trains

Start: 2020-01-1

End: 2020-12-31

Project code: 3RASITSHST

Project director: Vincent VU

Project manager: Vincent VU

At present, in the key systems of high-speed trains (such as traction system, braking system, network control system, safety monitoring system), UIC Asia Pacific countries have developed their own national technical standards, but these standards are self-contained. And there is a big difference between them. For example, China and Russia have different technical standards and standard systems in this respect, and they lack understanding and research on the relevant technical standards and standard systems of the other side. This has caused certain obstacles to the interoperability of high-speed trains between the two countries. Therefore, it is hoped that these technical standards will be collected, collated, analyzed and studied through this project, and the current status of technical standards for key systems of high-speed trains in relevant countries will be mastered, and the corresponding technical standards systems of various countries will be sorted out, and through comparative analysis, the common points and differences between these technical standards and standard systems are summarized. The results of the research will enable the countries concerned to have a clear understanding of each other s corresponding technical standards and standard systems, and facilitate technical exchange activities among countries.

Through the research of this project, the technical standards and standard systems obstacles faced by relevant countries in the technical exchange and cooperation of key systems of high-speed trains will be greatly reduced, which will enhance the communication between member states, and improve the communication efficiency, and can also provide certain support for future cooperation in high-speed railways between countries, and thus promote the interoperability of high-speed railways in the Asia-Pacific region.

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