Interoperable Language Solutions for Rail Freight

Project information

  • Acronym: TRAINDRIVER
  • Interoperable Language Solutions for Rail Freight
  • Project director: Frédéric Hénon
  • Project manager: Parinaz Bazeghi
  • Status: ongoing project
  • Project code: 2024/FRE/862

Project description

The European rail freight community has identified language barriers as a major obstacle to achieving its goal of a 30% modal shift to rail by 2030. To address this, initiatives like Translate4Rail and KITT have been launched. These initiatives have shown promise through initial validation and piloting. Interoperability of language solutions is crucial, with potential solutions including using the SFERA protocol for tablet-based tools. Digital translation tools have proven valuable, prompting discussions on certification, implementation frameworks, and next steps. The Train Driver Communication project will continue testing the T4R prototype, with a need for further resources to achieve full-scale prototype field demonstrations. Active participation in the RNE language program is highlighted as important for overcoming language barriers in the sector.

Project structure

WP1: Establishment of standards for the acceptance of a translation tool by NSAs
WP2: Interoperability: Requirements for Language tablet-based solutions to
communicate/get information from SFERA. (Cooperation with UIC SFERA group)
WP3: T4R tool Implementation framework (Requirements, hosting, assistance, etc.)

Project members

UIC contact

For further information, please contact:


  • D1. Standards for the acceptance of the tool by NSAs
  • D2. Requirements and synergies with SFERA working group
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Wednesday 7 February 2024