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African railway green deal for sustainable mobility

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Rabat call for action, 29 April 2021 ’African railway green deal for sustainable mobility’

As a continuation of the railway climate commitment declared by UIC in 2019 and by means of this ’African railway green deal for sustainable mobility’, the heads of the UIC African Region member networks, supported by the group of international and regional partners, call on the COP 26 congress to make sustainable mobility, via the best-equipped transport modes such as rail, one of the priorities:

  • For debate as a vector for mitigating and adapting to global warming as it establishes itself, in the wake of the paradigm shifts imposed by the pandemic and its impact on the new normal, as a significant issue to be handled in a structural manner as part of global climate conventions from now on;
  • For eligible investments in existing and future green funds, with this type of infrastructure and innovation within transport being seen as an integral part of climate finance mechanisms.

Video: The African Railway Green Deal for Sustainable Mobility

Sustainable Railways Africa Pledge

Sustainable Railways Africa Pledge

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Wednesday 22 September 2021